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Trade - Capital is a financial organization established by a team of experienced traders and investors. Today the level of competition on stock exchanges and currency markets is so high that traders are not able to make profitable currency investments on their own. Giant companies share them away from the market without leaving any chance for individual traders to have income.

But that's where we come in for you, our clients.

Trade - Capital trades traditional and crypto kinds of currency at the world's largest financial market, Forex. Our principal aim is getting maximal profits and providing it to our investors using qualified risk management and development of flexible financial systems.

Currency investment is quite a hard kind of activity unless you cooperate with real financial analysts and professional traders, like Trade - Capital, who develop profitable investment strategies and plans for you.



Our plans have minimal payback periods and allow having hourly earnings.
You can participate in our two-level affiliate program and get a guarantee of stable passive income.
We focus on long-term cooperation with our partners and clients in order to have joint financial improvement and growth.
We operate with multilevel security systems to ensure full invested funds and cash flows protection from any hacker attacks.
Specialists of our support service are always ready to answer your questions and offer optimal ways to solve any challenge that you may be encountering.


Trade - Capital company is an officially registered international financial organization registered as a private limited company. It gives us the full right to conduct international deals and do our business securely. The certificate provides our clients and partners a guarantee of safe cooperation and allows us to trade with the leaders of the investment sphere at the largest financial and currency markets.

We have our head office in the United Kingdom. Clients can check to find us in the public register of companies which is open to access on the Internet. Also, we attached a scan-copy of our certificate of incorporation, which shows the registration number and address of the company.

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